Women's Showcase Events

AGT Women’s Spring Training, Fair & Expo events are professional golf competitions for American female players who compete on the LPGA, Legends and Symetra Tours.  Sponsors essentially become a "Title IX-like" vehicle for American female professional golfers who are competing for a fraction of total purse monies as their male counterparts. These events will provide an added source of revenue necessary to sustain a professional golf career.  Spring training events will provide additional competition for players to sharpen their games during LPGA off-weeks in the winter and spring months.

The Opportunity

Women’s golf is positioned for global growth in the foreseeable future per a landmark study commissioned by Syngenta and titled “Unlocking Golf’s True Potential, Global Customer Insights, The Global Economic Value of Increased Female Participation in Golf “; (See link below).  Jeff Cox, Syngenta Global Head of Lawn & Garden, recently made the following comments: “This survey has also given us the opportunity to examine the perceived link between females and juniors to see if women could be more effective than men at bringing their children to golf and whether there is a Female-Junior multiplier effect in terms of participation”. “Gender diversity is good for sport – and it is good for business. It is also something that a modern, globalized society expects.  As an industry, golf has become increasingly aware of the need to address gender diversity and there are some excellent female-centric participation initiatives in place. However, more can be done”

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